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How IAMC, Muslim Brotherhood reward Indian journalists to drum up an anti-India rhetoric

Groups such as the IAMC, Muslim Brotherhood have been drumming up an anti-India rhetoric through their paid journalists, activists and NGOs

New Delhi, Jun 24: Jammu and Kashmir has for long witnessed this problem, but in the past few years the propaganda channels comprising journalists, activists and journalists are drumming up an anti-India rhetoric across the nation.

A popular Twitter handle, ‘The Hawk Eye,’ tweeted, ‘ it is payout day. Jamat-e-Islam arm, fake news propaganda wing IAMC’s project HRRF journo award is distributing cash award of 50k to 1 lakh.

The reference was being made to the awards distributed by the Indian American Muslim Council (IAMC) to some Indian journalists who have often drummed up an anti-India rhetoric. To be sure, the IAMC, an Indian-American Muslim body had on June 23 praised Congresswoman Ilhan Omar for introducing a resolution in the US House of Representatives that condemns India for the alleged human rights violation of minorities in particular the Muslims. The IAMC commended Omar whose resolution is unlikely to see the day of the light given the vindictive approach being adopted by her and the fact that she has openly sided with Pakistani officials on the issue of India.

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