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The Maharashtra political crisis and the applicability of the anti-defection law

The law allows a party to merge with or into another provided in case at least two-thirds of its legislators are in favour of the merger.

New Delhi, Jun 22: Maharashtra leader, Eknath Shinde who has gone to Assam’s Guwahati from Gujarat claimed that he has 40 MLAs with him. While there is speculation that he may float his own party, Shinde has said, we have not left Balasaheb’s Shiv Sena and will not leave it. We have been following his Hindutva and will carry it further.

With the crisis blowing out of proportion for the Shiv Sena the next question that would arise is the applicability of the anti-defection law. The Tenth Schedule, technicalities and also the Anti Defection Law would be cited during the crisis. Ultimately the matter could also end up in the Supreme Court. Now, let us take a look at what the Anti Defection Law is and when does it come into play and how it is also implemented.

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