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The ban on re-export of Indian wheat and how it will benefit Indian migrants too

India wants the wheat it exports to the UAE to be consumed locally and not re-exported

New Delhi, Jun 16: Welcome to the international economic impact of hate read a tweet by actress, Richa Chadha following news reports that the United Arab Emirates had decided to suspend export of Indian wheat for four months.

Citing the state news agency, WAM reports said, “UAE to suspend exports of Indian wheat for four months.”

The statement has been clearly misinterpreted and the UAE has only decided to suspend the re-export of wheat and flour from the grain originating in India. This is in reality is only an assurance that UAE will use whatever wheat it imports only for domestic purposes.

Sources tell OneIndia that the ban is on the re-export. This is a decision that was taken to stop Indian wheat from being re-sold for a period of four months. This would mean that the Indian wheat that is sold to the UAE will not be used for any other purpose other than domestic consumption.

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