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From a lavish lifestyle to a lifer, how NIA painstakingly brought Yasin Malik to justice

In a chargesheet that was filed by the NIA against Kashmiri businessman, Zahoor Watali it was stated that he had transacted with Malik. He got funds from the Pakistan High Commission and the Lashkar-e-Tayiba, the agency further said.

New Delhi, May 26: Life came a full cycle for terrorist/separatist Yasin Malik when a special court sentenced him to life in a terror funding case. It took a painstaking investigation to bring him to justice for the crimes he committed and managed to get away with during successive governments in the past.

The fact that he would launder money and then use it to fuel violence in Jammu and Kashmir apart from using it for his personal pleasures was a well known fact. However successive governments, some liberals and dishonest media turned a blind eye to the same as a result of which Malik enjoyed a free run. He was even once rescued by the Indian Army during the floods and once that was complete, he blatantly raised anti-India slogans.

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