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OIC raises hijab row: It is clear Turkey is Pakistan’s new playground

New Delhi, Feb 16: India has once again hit out at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) after it raised the hijab row in India. New Delhi accused the OIC of worming with a communal mindset. India also said that the organisation has been hijacked by vested interests.

“We have noted yet another motivated and misleading statement from the general secretariat of the OIC on matters pertaining to India. Issues in India are considered and resolved in accordance with our constitutional framework and mechanisms, as well as democratic ethos and polity,” Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson external affairs ministry said.

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One response to “OIC raises hijab row: It is clear Turkey is Pakistan’s new playground”

  1. India cannot rebuff OIC this way. The effect of government policies on common Indians working abroad.


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