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Chaos in Kabul and the lurking danger of Keralites who joined the ISIS trying to return

New Delhi, Sep 03: With reports stating that nearly 20 persons from Kerala who joined the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) are roaming free in Afghanistan, an alert has been sounded in India.

Security agencies say that these persons could try and make their way back into India. An alert has been sounded at the airports as the agencies suspect that they may try and make their way back into India.

Several have already indicated that they wanted to return to India, but the government’s position is clear that it does not want any of these ISIS returnees back on their soil.

One of the key concerns with these persons is that they could be sent back to India with an intention of further spreading the ideology of the ISKP in Kerala and other parts of the country. The Indian government’s position is that once such persons return, they could become an inspiration for many and the recruiting may only go up.

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