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Is the US ‘right’ when it says Taliban and Haqqani Network are separate

New Delhi, Aug 28: The US State Department said that the Haqqani Network and the Taliban are separate entities. During a press briefing, US State Department Spokesperson, Ned Price when asked about the security at the Kabul Airport said that both are separate networks.

The statements by Price are surprising considering the long term relationship shared by both the entities.

According to the National Counter-Terrorism Centre, the Haqqani are considered to be most lethal and target the US coalition and Afghan Forces. The Haqqani Network is also involved in the multiple strikes on the US coalition and also has close ties with the Al-Qaeda. Moreover Khalil Haqqani who has a reward of USD 5 million is a regular visitor to the Pakistan’s military headquarters in Rawalpindi, according to a reporting The New York Times.

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