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Radicals in Kerala could use Kabul bombings as inspiration to recruit more for ISIS

New Delhi, Aug 27: The suicide bombings at the Kabul Airport are a grim reminder that the Islamic State cannot be written off as yet.

A few months back, it was being said that the Islamic State Khorasan Province (ISKP) had stopped getting the desired traction it may have hoped for. Several of its people were killed while many others were arrested. In this context one must recollect that the ISKP has managed to attract nearly a 100 people from Kerala alone. This became more evident when it was revealed that the gunman involved in the Kabul Gurudwara attack was from Kerala. 25 people were killed in that attack.

Earlier this month, the mother of Nimisha Fathima urged the Indian government to bring her daughter back from Afghanistan. Fathima along with her husband and several others had left Kerala to join the Islamic State in Afghanistan a few years back. Her husband was killed in an air strike, following which several ISIS operatives had surrendered before the Afghanistan government. With the Taliban taking over, it freed many of these operatives from jail.

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