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Diminished from its zenith, ISIS could position itself as sole rejectionist group in Afghanistan

New Delhi, Aug 27: Sticking to his decision of an August 31 pullout from Afghanistan, US President, Joe Biden Asiad that everyday we are on the ground is another day we know that the ISIS-Khorasan is seeking to target the airport and attack both US and allied forces and innocent civilians.

On Thursday the ISISK claimed responsibility for the suicide bombing at the Kabul Airport in which over 70 people including 13 US soldiers were killed. The ISIS which had over 4,000 terrorists in its fold in 2016 today is down to 1,500 as per estimates. While the group may have been beaten down over the past couple of years due to military strikes, Thursday’s bombings only showed that the group is still lethal.

While the outfit continued to suffer losses and many of its chiefs were killed over the past year, it has staged some very blatant attacks in Afghanistan. In November the group carried out an attack at the Kabul University in which 22 people were killed. In the same month, the ISKP launched a mortar attack in a residential area in Kabul in which 8 people were killed. In May 2020, the ISKP killed 16 people at a maternity ward in Kabul which was run by the Doctors Without Borders Charity.

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