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Centre notifies new Drone Rules: No security clearance needed, coverage increased from 300 to 500 kg

New Delhi, Aug 26: The new Drone Rules 2021 have been announced. It says that no security clearance required before any registration or licence issuance. Further the new rules notified by the Centre also says that the coverage has been increased to include heavy payload and drone taxis. 

The new Drone Rules 2021 which was announced in July replaces the Unmanned Aircraft Systems Rules 2001. This is a very progressive set of rules, which will significantly transform the Indian landscape for drones, the government said. 

The rules say that approvals have been abolished. Unique authorisation number, unique prototype identification number, certificate of conformance, certificate of maintenance, operator permit, authorisation of R&D organisation, student remote pilot licence, remote pilot instructor authorisation, drone port authorisation, import permission for drone components, the rules also say. 

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