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Should India worry about resurgence of Taliban

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3 responses to “Should India worry about resurgence of Taliban”

  1. An excellent summary of a very very complex International geopolitical development. I also agree with Vicky that it is too premature to conclude a firm inference. Like it has happened earlier the two Super powers kept the battle fields across the world alive with varying degrees of political hotspots
    The only change is in the picture of bouts going on beteeen two Super powers.Earlier it was US and USSR and now it is US and China. This makes the ground picture of emerging economies far more disturbing. China, unlike Russia has a far more surreptitiously and punctiliously designed chain of hidden events to help achieve its Middle Kingdom syndrome. In this venture the usual action of US will help it .Like in case of Iraq , the US destabilizes a country and then after a couple of decades leaves it shattered and in the hands of disruptive forces which in most cases perhaps are nurtured by religious fundamentalists. Incidentally in all cases perhaps it is Islamic fundamentalists which is stepping in and in a way helping China. A new war component in the war inflicted by Super powers is the social , electronic and print media.Both the US and China are masters in this. The worst victims in such a situation is countries like India Australia or others of Indo Pacific.
    To remain in short I will only say that Taliban will be kept relevant to Kashmir and integrity and sovereignty of India by the combined assistance of China Pakistan and the Islamists states .
    As Vicky has rightly said it is a situation of wait and watch.But the domestic political dispensation of India will be a worrisome factor for the nation called Bharat
    Ravi Sinha

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