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ISI- Honey traps part of South plan

The Intelligence Bureau which probing the ISI’s South India plan along with the National Investigation Agency has found 40 fake accounts created on servers in Colombo to honey trap officials in a bid to extract information.

The ISI which has been operating its major South India module from the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo had instructed its cadre to create 40 different accounts and set honey traps on officials in Southern India. Intelligence Bureau officials tell Times Now that they have tracked down 40 such accounts which were used to regularly stay in touch with low ranking officials in the army units, NSG hubs and naval bases.

All these accounts have been created on servers at Colombo and other part of Sri Lanka in a bid to trap officers especially on the lower level and extract information out of them. So far our information suggests that they have managed to get in touch with lower level officers in the naval base offices, NSG hubs and also army offices. Most of the information that they have sought is related to logistics and also deployment of men. All these 40 accounts created over a span of three years were done at the behest of the ISI’s Colombo which ironically was operating out of the Pakistan High Commission. Once the account was created they would send out random requests to officials in important departments pertaining to national security. Once the honey trap was laid they would chat up and seek information. Depending on the information passed on, these persons would be offered anything between Rs 10 and Rs 20 lakh.

Arun Selvarajan who was recently arrested by the NIA confirms this operation and says that first the honey trap would be laid and once the information was shared it would be passed on to us. We in turn were instructed to follow up this information and share pictures of the locations and also provide logistics. At no point in time were we asked to meet with the officer as the operation was conducted on a need to know basis.

Selvarajan also reveals that he was told to use women to set traps on officials that he managed to meet. He also reveals that the other cadres who were part of this operation were also asked to tap car thieves. While we had planned a major attack on the lines of 26/11, there were also plans on carrying out a series of car bomb blasts in Chennai, he reveals.

Horror on the coast: Intelligence Agencies have now sounded an alert to the coastal security to keep a tight vigil along the Kodikarrai port in Tamil Nadu. They have found that this is the weakest port through which the ISI has successfully managed to infiltrate its cadres who were to carry out the South India operation. As per the agenda of the ISI, they sought to infiltrate at least 200 cadres in three years. They come in from Colombo on fishing boats which often go unnoticed. They are then sent to different parts of South India and a majority of them have proceeded towards Northern Kerala, the Intelligence official says. The NIA too which is probing this angle says that apart from cadres their investigations have revealed that a huge cache of arms had been smuggled into India through the same port and parked in Kerala. The cadres are kept on stand by in Kerala as it is considered to be a very safe hub. The arms too are gathered over there and were to be sent just before an attack is carried out, an NIA official working on this case informed.

The Kodikarrai port has been a notorious one since the days of opium smuggling which commenced five decades back. Earlier opium from Sri Lanka into India was smuggled in. This coast is extremely vast and naval officers find it difficult to man. The ISI has taken advantage of this situation and continues to push cadres and arms through the very same route.


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2 responses to “ISI- Honey traps part of South plan”

  1. I think, in a way, LTTE helped India earlier, in such a way that ISI terrorists cannot enter India via Kodikkarai or Vedaranyam or Danushkodi or Tutocorin. Since LTTE were against Sri Lankan Muslims, ISI was kept away. The ports were used by LTTE for smuggling weapons, diesel and what not. Now LTTE vanished, these ISI infiltrators are entering India. Since Ex-IB man is the Cabinet Secretary, he will be aware of these dangers. Some political will and guts required, to nab all these elements. Hope NDA-2 has that will. But so far, it is not visible.


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