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Radicals praise ISIS Majeed online

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Arif Ejaz Majeed, one of the four youth from Kalyan who joined the ISIS in Iraq was killed allegedly by an air strike. While this information was confirmed to the family by  an associate of his by the name Shaheen Tanki, the internet is filled with homage for Majeed who already has been termed as a martyr.
A couple of hours after his death there were several who had posted on various forums online about Majeed becoming a martyr for the cause.

A detailed message for Majid which was posted some 16 hours after his death read:
“Musalmanan e Hind ke liye Khosh khabri Kalyan se Taluq Rakhne wale bhai ne Iraq main Ishtishhadi Hamle ke zarye Jam e Shahadat Nosh kar gaye.
Hindustan (India) Se Dawla tul Islamia ke Garam Mahazaon ki Taraf Hijrat karne Wale Humare Bhai Arif Majid Urf Abu Ali Al Hindi R (Kalyan , Mumbai) , Jinhaon ne Dawla tul Islamia ke Moaskar main Tarbiyat ke bad kayi Markaon mian Hissa liya,Shaam Riqqa main Ek Falistini Gaza ki Bahan se Shadi ki….Shadi ke bad….. unhaon ne Iraq Mosul Dam ki Karwai main bhi Hissa Liya ….Apne Malik e Haqiqi se Milne ka Shoq unhain Bethne Nahi Diya …. Akhir Kar o Waqt aagaya…..un ka Naam Iraq Karbala main Dushmanaon par Ishtishhadi karne Walaon main Likh diya gaya ….. Aur unhaon ne Apne Allah se Kiya howa Wada Pora kar diya…. Allah un ki Shahadat ko Qabool farmaye..Ameen.”
This briefly means that Majeed has attained martyrdom and may Allah accept him.
While the local police are examining the claim that Majeed was dead, several posts online suggest that he has been killed. Sources in the Intelligence Bureau say that he was last spotted in Mosul and as per initial reports coming in from there, he was killed in an air strike.
The four youth from Kalyan who had left for Iraq on the pretext of a pilgrimage were said to have been with the ISIS which was battling the Shiite Muslim fighters from the Saraya al-Salam (Peace Brigades).
Confusion however prevails over their exact location. At first the four youth were found in the Raqqa area of Syria. They are then said to have gone to Mosul. However it is confirmed that none of them were in combat and they had only been providing support to the ISIS with regard to technology and other logistics. They could not have been in combat since they left India only recently and there was no time to train them in combat. The ISIS is devising a strategy to recruit youth from as many nations as possible in order to portray that they are a global outfit aiming at setting up the Caliphat followed by the Global Islamic Council which has India on its map as well.
The security agencies are doing their best to ensure that the online content that is being posted in support of these persons are taken down. It conveys a strong message and there are enough and more youth who get carried away by such messages.
The agencies are also investigating several persons especially the Wahabi scholars who have been frequenting India and set up shop here. These scholars who held a meeting in May 2014 had radicalised over 30 youth and the four from Kalyan were also part of the same programme. It may be recalled that in the year 2013 nearly 25000 Wahabi scholars had come to India and conducted over 2500 camps to preach the Wahabi culture. Once these Wahabis started to come in the first effects were found in Southern India and Haja Fakkruddin from Tamil Nadu was the first victim.

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2 responses to “Radicals praise ISIS Majeed online”

  1. @Prashanth Kp, Modi has already states several times that for him security of Indians comes first He is a tough guy just wait and see how he knocks down these radicals


  2. Another menace to add to the several already mushrooming in India like IM, LeT, SIMI, PFI, KFI, ML, so on and so forth… ISIS!!!! I hope the present day government does not sleep over this issue like their predecessor did.


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