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No home for these Cong MLAs

The report of the Shri Krishna Committee has caused more problems for the Congress MLAs from Telangana than the people of the region who have been fighting for this cause for several decades. Nearly 60 congress MLAs from the Telangana had to sit back in Hyderabad and could not visit their respective constituencies as proestors stood guard outside their respective houses.
Take the case of Sudarshan Reddy, irrigation minister in the Andhra Pradesh government. He hails from the Bodan constituency in Nizamabad district and was supposed to return to his home constituency today. However he advised against it due to the protests outside his house. This is the case of all MLAs from the Congress belonging to the Telangana region. They have all been advised to stay back at Hyderabad and not visit their home towns as they could face a severe outrage.
Prof Kodanandaram, Political Joint Action Committee for Telangana chief told that the Congress was just issuing statements and never really did anything on the ground. If they do not act soon they will face a social boycott and will be wiped out from their constituncies.
These Congress leaders have however said that they are not backing out and had issued an ultimatum to the union government. They decided to wait until February for the government to table the bill on Telangana failing which they would all tender their resignations. One of the Telangana Congress leaders said that this time they cannot take it easy. The movement is gaining a lot of momentum and if we do not act soon they it could well be the end of our political careers.
The congress in andhra pradesh has already started working out the numbers in case these MLAs resign. They will be reduced to a wafer thin majority if the 60 MLas quit. In addition to this they are also thinking over time about the Jagan factor. The statement of K Chandrashkhar Rao of the TRS also has them worried. He had said that there would be a mid term poll in which Jagan would sweep Rayalseema while TRS would sweep Telangana. Political observers are treating this statement as a possible alliance between the two even as both camps suggest that no such thing is cooking.

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  1. Its not confirmed but i pray that such terrorists are dead


  2. End of a menace hopefully


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